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Magnus AU



He had almost fallen back to sleep when he heard her come in and the sweet smell of coffee hit his nose. He opened his eyes to see her smiling face and the steaming mug of coffee. “Thanks, babe.” He sat up in bed, tucking a pillow on his lap to rest his arms. He took the mug from her, blowing on it to cool it down a bit. “How did you sleep?” He asked, sipping at the coffee but not too quickly. He didn’t want to burn his mouth.


"Mmmmm like a baby….." she said, taking a seat beside him on the bed. The morning sun filled the bedroom with warmth. Magnus sat up beside her and pulled her close. "In fact, I think that’s the best sleep I’ve had in a very long time, thanks to you." she grinned and kissed his cheek before returning to her mug of coffee. "How about you, babe?"


He smiled and sipped at his coffee. “I hear you. It was the best rest I’ve had in months. I suppose we wore each other out and gave our bodies the rest that they needed.” He laughed, a deep rich tone. “I didn’t have any dreams, which is something that I’ve had every night for the last few months. Further showing my mind was truly at rest.” He sat up, kissing the tip of her nose. “I’ve something planned for you.” He said with a cheeky smile. siochan-leat

"Mmmm….I think our bodies needed more than just rest, babe." she said, chuckling. She sipped more of her coffee as the bright sunlight filled the room. She beamed at him when he lovingly kissed her nose, his warm smile made her insides turn to jelly. "Me?" she asked, her voice high pitched and curious. She fluttered her eyelashes at him. "You have plans for me? What kind of plans? Are they secret plans? Shall I be blindfolded?" she inquired, giggling slightly. redeemedasgardian

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He gladly drank from the mug, trusting her fully this time. If she wanted him dead, he would be dead. He could tell that the medicine she was giving him was working. It was surprising, he didn’t expect any form of mortal medicine would work this well. “Thank you.” He croaked out, already feeling the cool liquid helping with his sore throat. “Hot.” He whined, pulling at his clothing. He felt like he was on fire, which was amazing considering he was a Frost Giant. “Hot.” he repeated, only wanting to get some layers of clothing off so that he could cool down. siochan-leat

"Ok, ok…shhhh….relax, my sweet Lord." She eased him back on the pillows and stilled his hands. "I will unbutton your shirt and open it, my love, but only for a few minutes, ok? You have a high fever and it’s not good for you to be uncovered for too long." She  undid his buttons and opened his shirt. She felt him shiver, but he needed to cool down a bit. She stroked his hair tenderly and smiled. "Is this better? Just nod…no need to speak my Lord…"


He allowed himself to be pushed back, sighing when the cool air hit his hot skin. What had happened to him that he had contacted a lowly Midgardian disease. Had it been that he’s been on Earth too long? That he had lost his immunity to these human germs? He was rambling in his own mind, the fever was doing that, he supposed. He barely knew that the human was speaking to him. Whilst the opening of his shirt did feel better, he was still burning up. He nodded, weakly and let his head fall back to the pillow. How long was this to last? siochan-leat

She picked up a magazine from the coffee table and started fanning him while his shirt was still open. He moaned and wrinkled his forehead at her. She placed her hand on his face again, feeling that his skin was still hot and also clammy. “Hmmm….you’re still burning up but there’s still a chill to your skin. I’m gonna haveta give you something way stronger, Loki. It’s gonna knock you out for quite a while but it should make your fever break.” She got up and went to the medicine cabinet and brought back a half used bottle of NyQuil. She buttoned his shirt back up and pulled the blanket up to cover him. “But if i give this to you, I’m gonna haveta keep a close eye on you. I’m not sure how your half-Aesir, half-Jotun system will react.” She cupped his chin until he opened his eyes at her. She adopted a more serious tone. “I don’t want to have to call the EMTs and have to have you hospitalized, Loki. And I don’t want you to die on me, you got that?” redeemedasgardian

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